Viacom Digital Studios Locks Deals With Snap and Twitter – The Wrap

Viacom’s Digital Studios announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its partnership with Snap Inc. and is launching a new show on Twitter.
In addition to working with Snap to syndicate 500 episodes from its content library, including “Rate the Bars,” “Decoded,” and “Spencer Pratt Will Heal You” the expanded partnership will see Viacom launch 10 new series on Snapchat, including “Clean Slate” and “Filthy Living” from MTV and “De’Arra and Ken’s Prank Show” from BET.
The company also announced that it is partnering with Twitter to debut “MTV News Presents: Need to Know,” which will cover daily reports of trending news and is “tapping into pop culture and issues important to youth culture.” The series is expected to premiere on Nov. 15.
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