Apple Reportedly Close To Finalizing Deal To Buy 3D Sensor Maker PrimeSense For $345M, But Not Done Yet – Techcrunch

It looks like another Israeli startup is getting to another sizable exit. This time it’s 3-D sensor manufacturer, PrimeSense, which is perhaps best known for producing (and licensing) the gesture-based technology Microsoft uses in Kinect. Well, back in July my colleague Ingrid Lunden reported that Apple had become interested and was reportedly in acquisition talks with the Israeli startup. Israeli publication The Calcalist reported at the time that the price tag was $280 million and, while our sources called “BS” on those reports, the rumors that the two companies are in advanced talks came to a boiling point today. This began with further reports today from Calcalist that the company had indeed been acquired. The Wall Street Journal sort of confirmed those reports today, but said the talks are still ongoing. The news swirled today, as scores of publications reported that the news was a done deal. PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha, however, told us that the reports of its...

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