Why 4G Should Be Cheaper Than 3G—But Isn’t – ReadWriteWeb

How much do you really know about 4G data service on your smartphone? Did you know that it not only provides you with faster data, but is also cheaper for cellular carriers to deliver? And yet it still costs you the same or more as slower 3G service?
Probably not. Here's why.
The average user doesn’t have much of an idea what 3G or 4G means beside “one is newer and faster.” And why should they? Carriers use 3G and 4G more as marketing terms than technical ones, and basically all of them have lied (with official blessing from the International Telecommunications Union) about what a 4G phone actually gets you. The "real" definition of 4G, something that worldwide carriers have not yet accomplished, are download speeds of 1 gigabit per second in a fixed location and 100 megabits per second while in motion...

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