Morgan Stanley wants Google to stop hiding how it gets its revenue, and there’s a good reason the CFO will listen (GOOG) – Silicon Alley

Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowack and his team believe that Google could add more than $100 to its stock price if it became a bit more transparent about how it makes its revenues. GOOG was trading around $541 this morning. Nowack's note is titled "The Pathway to $650." It reads like an open letter to new Google CFO Ruth Porat, who replaced Patrick Pichette earlier this year. Nowack can expect Porat to actually read this note, because she came to Google from ... Morgan Stanley. For a long time, Google has given almost no meaningful breakouts of the various products that drive its revenue. It reports sales from "advertising" and "other," and it breaks out United Kingdom revenue. It also provides percentage growth rates aggregate paid clicks and average cost-per-click. That all adds up to more than $60 billion in revenues per year. But the company has, for the longest time, said nothing about what really drives that $60 million: YouTube? Search? Mobile? Desktop? Gmail? No one reall...

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