In Depth: Android in 2020: how much could Google’s OS change? – TechRadar

In the beginningCast your mind back to late 2008, when the first Android-powered handset saw the light of day. Obama won his first Presidential election, Apple launched its App Store (the iPhone had appeared the year before), Google announced its own Chrome browser and we got our first look at the company's new mobile OS on the T-Mobile G1.The Android of 2016 is a world away from that 2008 version, where the Android Market was in its infancy, there were no native video playback capabilities embedded and the G1 had no multi-touch support. In short, it was a phone that sat very happily on the pile of 'might make it big one day if the stars align' moonshots that companies were throwing out at that time.But Google did make a success of Android, seeing it grow to the most dominant operating system in the smartphone world - but it will need to keep innovating and improving its mobile OS to keep that lion's share.We've re-tooled this article to take a peek into the future with our new knowledge...

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