Jeremy Clarkson to kick off The Grand Tour in South Africa as Amazon seeks a global audience – The Drum

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that his new auto show will be shot in a big tent for a South African audience for its first episode.
The Long Road, for Amazon Prime Video, will be shot live in Johannesburg marking the first part of the Grand Tour.
With Top Gear returning to the BBC earlier this week to a mixed response, Amazon is keen the hit home just how global its new show is by literally touring Clarkson, Hammond and May across the world.
Tickets will be drawn in each nation to see which members of the public manage to gain entry to the recording. As for the selection of the African city, the trio have historically enjoyed a high degree of popularity in that market, according to the Guardian.
In addition to building the Grand Tour brand from scratch, the decision to tour the show will also spread the benefits of Amazon’s Prime Video, aiding in the growth of each.
The launch of reformatted Top Gear with Chris Evans at the helm passed without Clarkson commenting on the show...

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