The music industry signs up Taylor Swift and U2 in its fight against YouTube – Recode – All

An open letter to Congress asks for change to the DMCA, but it’s aimed at Google’s video site. The music industry is ratcheting up its fight against YouTube. And Taylor Swift is joining in.
Swift is one of dozens of musicians who have attached their name to an open letter to Congress, calling on lawmakers to re-write legislation used by YouTube and other big web platforms that they say “threaten[s] the continued viability of songwriters and record artists to survive.”
A coalition of musicians including Swift and U2, along with industry players including the three big music labels — Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music — have taken out ads featuring the letter in political publications including Politico and the Hill.
Technically, Swift and her co-signers are complaining about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the 1998 law that has governs the way big internet companies can use material uploaded by their users. But like other complaints a ...

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