Exclusive data predicted Netflix’s weakness in key markets before its huge subscriber miss, and could hold clues about future growth (NFLX) – Silicon Alley

Netflix posted weaker than expected subscriber growth all around the world during the second quarter.
While the company didn't dive into detail about regions outside of the US, third-party data hints at where Netflix may have stumbled the most during the period, including in Brazil and India, two important markets.
Price hikes and increased competition could be two factors that hurt Netflix.
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Netflix posted one of the worst subscriber-growth misses in its history during the second quarter, losing subscribers in the US and adding just 2.7 million globally.
The company blamed the weak quarter on a slate of original TV series and movies that didn't draw in as many subscribers as anticipated and seasonality, as well as price increases that hit some users around the world during the quarter.
"Our missed forecast was across all regions, but slightly more so in regions with price increase," the company said, in a letter to shareholders on Wednesday...

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