Tesla is now the most valuable US automaker in history – BGR

With Tesla shares on something of a historic run, the company earlier today became the most valuable car company the US has ever seen. This is something of a remarkable achievement given all of the turmoil Tesla has found itself in over the past few years. From a seemingly endless number of production problems to a handful of controversies involving Elon Musk, Tesla has impressively moved past all that in a relatively short period of time.

Two and a half months ago, Tesla shares were trading at $254. Today, Tesla shares hit the $470 threshold for the first time in history. All told, Tesla shares have jumped by upwards of 85% in just a few weeks. As it stands now, Tesla's market cap hovers around $84.3 billion, giving the EV maker a valuation that is higher than even Ford was at the height of its popularity.

All the more impressive, Tesla's valuation today is now just $2 billion shy of Ford and GM's market cap combined...

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