La lettre d’adieu de Martin Rogard à Dailymotion

Martin Rogard quitte Dailymotion. Le directeur a connu la montée en puissance du site de partage de vidéos pour se hisser au sommet et prétendre à devenir un concurrent de YouTube. Le rachat par Vivendi n'a pas été le coup d'accélérateur attendu. Voici la lettre du directeur basé à New-York :

"Hi Everyone,

Today is my last day at Dailymotion. I would like to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this amazing journey.

I joined the company over 9 years ago, I didn’t expect to enjoy so many great moments, both professionally and personally.

First, I am amazed by what you achieved in that time. Together, we have grown revenue from 2M to 75M euros. That’s quite a big increase! Our user base has gone from 30M UVs (Comscore) to more than 300M UVs by the end of 2015, keeping Dailymotion a top 50 website in the world. And along the way, we hired a lot of great talent and opened offices in more than 10 countries.

I also feel good knowing we did all of that while returning immense value to our shareholders. After raising $68M, we first sold the company to Orange for $168M in 2011-2013 and made our VCs very happy. Then, Orange invested around 40M euros, before selling the company to Vivendi for 280M euros, netting around 120M euros of profit in fewer then three years.

Those numbers are great. And I mention them because I want you to realize how great you made this company, even though that fact is not always obvious to the outside world. Personally, I am deeply convinced that the principal factor of Dailymotion’s success in this great story is you.

A lot of our competitors have spent a lot more capital than we have, but if you try to remember them, you might have a difficult time. That’s because they’re all gone! Veoh, Metacafe, Joost, Yahoo Videos and so many other names you may never have heard of. To me, this makes it clear that your dedication, your skills, your enthusiasm, and your ability to stay united in difficult times are the true reasons for our success.

Finally, it’s also really exciting to see how well a lot of our former coworkers are doing after leaving Dailymotion. It seems that they cherish the time they spent with us before going on on to create and build other great products.

I will surely feel the same way.

Thank you for everything. I learned so much being at your sides all these years. And I wish all the best to Max and his team. I am sure they will take great pride in pushing Dailymotion to the next level.


- martin"