Copyright Directive: behind the scenes of a so-called civic campaign

Posté par Isabelle Szczepanski le 29 juin 2018

The harassment campaign against MEPs around the Copyright Directive continues, ever more aggressively: in addition to thousands of e-mails, MEPs and their teams are now flooded with hundreds of sometimes very insulting phone calls. We also reveal the resources and methods used by the “civic” campaign supported by MEP Julia Reda. Many MEPs, including Jean-Marie Cavada, are upset by the arguments used by the opponents of the Copyright Directive, which they hold to be false.

Last week, we revealed the true nature of the e-mail harassment campaign aimed at MEPs and their teams in the context of the voting on the adoption of the Copyright Directive. Axel Voss, the MEP responsible for reporting on the Directive « received over 17,000 e-mails », according to someone with knowledge of the matter. However, the campaign does not stop there: this week, we can reveal that the MEPs received dozens of phone calls per day, which are also orchestrated by the #saveyourinternet campaign financed, as was said before, in particular by bodies sponsored by the giants of the Internet. The approach used by #saveyourinternet is rather unsavoury because, as we will…

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