Véronique Desbrosses: « the Commission has a hard time coping with the pressure coming from the copyright directive’s opponents »

Posté par Isabelle Szczepanski le 18 septembre 2020

As Managing Director of Gesac, Véronique Desbrosses closely monitors the transposal and future application of the Copyright directive. She is deeply concerned about the latest remarks made by the European Commission this summer around the Article 17 Stakeholder Dialogue. Article 17 gives news responsibilities to platforms as regards copyrighted content, and Véronique Desbrosses believes that as they stand, these proposals by the Commission, would greatly limit the effectiveness of the text. Stakeholders in the creative world are calling on Thierry Breton – who has been in office for year and is yet to take  stand on copyright – on the implementation of the directive. « We are almost non-existent in his eyes » says Véronique Desbrosses.

ElectronLibre – Gesac sent a letter to Thierry Breton (see below) expressing your concerns about the latest Commission’s remarks on Article 17, and concluding that you trust him to ensure that « the final version of these essential guidelines for creators will respond to the real intention of the legislation.  » The clock is ticking : does he have enough time to rectify the situation ?

Véronique Desbrosses – From what I understand as regards the timetable, the Commission should approve…

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