Tesla aims for 20 million vehicles per year by 2025 (updated 09-28)

Posté par Emmanuel Torregano le 23 septembre 2020

Tesla is entering a new era, with a program to improve key components of its cars – battery and auto pilot – within the next 18 months. The Californian manufacturer is setting new standards for electric vehicles.

In front of an audience of shareholders, comfortably seated in their Tesla in a parking lot, Elon Musk described the development of his business over the next ten years. Soberly subtitled, « the end of oil », this Battery Day 2020 was the occasion for an impressive roll of announcements. Like Steve Jobs with the presentations of the iPhone or MacBook Unibody, Tesla leaves its competitors no choice but to try and keep up with them for years to come.

Elon Musk had carefully prepared a series of responses. First, and most importantly for shareholders, the founder of Tesla had to convince that the company was able to maintain or even increase its profitability seen in the last four quarters. Standard…

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