Stephan Bourdoiseau : « Music tax credits should go from 30 to 100 million euros »

Posté par Emmanuel Torregano le 5 octobre 2020

Recently re-elected as president of the music producers’ organisation UPFI, Stephan Bourdoiseau asks the French government for strong action in support of the creative industries. The key measure, he believes, should be an increase of music tax credits, from 30 to 100 million euros annually. This would enable the music industry to cushion, raise and invest in an environment subject to fierce international competition.

– You have just been re-elected as President of UPFI. What is the role of such an organisation in these times of crisis?

This crisis is a one-off, with tragic short-term consequences. However, in my opinion, the crisis does not impede our long-term perspectives in any way. In fact, they have never been so good. The music industry is part of the cultural and creative industries, which are booming thanks to the development of digital technology. CCIs should see double-digit growth for ten to fifteen years, allowing them to create added value, both social and financial. The potential is immense. UPFI is a group of VSEs, SMEs and now ETIs (Intermediate Size Establishments) which are part of this growth dynamics. Very small businesses can become SMEs, then they become ETIs and why not Unicorns,…

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