Revision of the Copyright Directive planned for as soon as 2025

Posted by Isabelle Szczepanski le 15 janvier 2024

The revision of the 2019 Copyright Directive is no longer a taboo for the European Commission’s services, which plan to work on it from the start of the new mandate.

A taboo has fallen in Brussels. We mentioned it back in November, and it has now been confirmed by numerous European stakeholders and elected representatives. The European Commission is now openly telling its interlocutor that it will propose improvements to the 2019 Copyright Directive during the next mandate. In fact, the examination of potential changes to this text, which has rebalanced the relationship between creators and platforms, is already well advanced. The list of subjects being discussed, and which will lead to proposals for amendments to the text, is long: improving the rules governing the use of works by AI developers and articles relating to the remuneration of authors; the fight against piracy; and a better framework for the neighboring rights of press publishers are among the priorities. On the other hand, Article 17 – the article that provoked the strongest reactions from platforms and certain elected representatives when the directive was adopted – should remain untouched.
New blood
It had been suspected for some weeks that the…

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