CCIA : « The EU is rushing negotiations on tech and digital files at the expense of quality »

Posted by Isabelle Szczepanski le 4 mars 2024

In an op-ed, the European representative of the Computer and Communication Industry Association (CCIA) expresses concern at the haste with which European institutions are erecting new regulations affecting the tech sector. By adopting rules precipitously, without proper impact assessments, the EU is certainly the world champion of regulation, but not the best, saddens Daniel Friedlaender.

As we explained here, the inter-institutional agreement announced in early December 2023 to great fanfare on the AI Act was rushed. As proof, the text was subject to modifications and negotiations on fundamental points until the end of January. Worse still, on some points, the regulation is unclear, even contradictory. It was as if everyone – in the Council, Commission and Parliament – was desperate to announce that the EU had introduced the world’s first AI regulation. « Historic! The EU becomes the very first continent to set clear rules for the use of AI », exclaimed Thierry Breton in a post on X on December 8. After this episode, the…

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