AI: ADLC considers that Google has an obligation of transparency towards rights holders

Posted by Isabelle Szczepanski le 21 mars 2024

In addition to sanctioning Google for failing to meet its commitments to the press, the French competition authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) asserts – even before the AI Act came into force – that the company failed to meet its obligation of transparency with regard to the training data of Bard, now Gemini. The ADLC also provides an interpretation of the opt-out conditions that is very favorable to the rightful owners.

Pascal Rogard, CEO of SACD, noted early on that yesterday’s decision by the French Competition Authority strengthened intellectual property rights in AI. « Very interesting decision that confirms press publishers’ right to authorize and prohibit in the face of AI. And everyone knows that copyright is stronger than neighboring rights, » he said yesterday on his X account. Indeed, the ADLC’s decision is something of a revolution in terms of respect for intellectual property rights by AI developers, since it states in no uncertain terms that Google already has an obligation to make training data transparent. Yet this…

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