Margrethe Vestager on the DMA : « we’re going to have to fight, because platforms aren’t going to change their business models just like that »

Posted by Isabelle Szczepanski le 3 avril 2024

Margrethe Vestager believes that the aim of the Digital Markets Act is to get platforms to change their business models, and warns that European and national institutions are going to have to fight to achieve this result.

The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee was today taking stock of the application of the Digital Markets Act so far, and had, on this occasion, invited Commission Vice-President, also in charge of competition, Margrethe Vestager. let’s recall that this text has only really been applicable to « gatekeepers », i.e. the major platforms, for some twenty days. The platforms designated as gatekeepers – i.e. only the GAFAMs and Bytedance – had to send their compliance reports to the DMA by March 6. The Commission was quick to act, as to the great surprise of the platforms, it opened five investigations against Apple, Meta and Google as early as March 25. So Margrethe Vestager did not come at today’s parliamentary meeting empty-handed. In fact, the elected representatives present seem very anxious to show their constituents that this new regulation has concrete effects. Today, Margrethe Vestager wanted to show them her pugnacity, going so far as to say – something that had never before been acknowledged so openly – that the DMA’s objective was for platforms to change their business model. But she also said that…

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