Fox Music President Robert Kraft Exiting – DeadLine

UPDATE: Fox has issued a formal announcement on Robert Kraft’s exit, which follows the original break.
EXCLUSIVE: Longtime Fox Music President Robert Kraft is leaving the studio. He has been chief exec since 1994 and president since 1998, supervising music for all Fox films including the scores and soundtracks for Avatar, Titanic, Waiting To Exhale, Moulin Rouge, Walk The Line, Once, Slumdog Millionaire and Black Swan. On the TV side, he worked on everything from 24 to The Simpsons, Family Guy, Ally McBeal and The X-Files.
I’d heard that he left after Fox didn’t offer him an extension but offered to keep him there without a long-term agreement. He chose to leave but might take on a consulting role, I’ve heard. Fox would not comment on the reason for his exit but confirmed he would be leaving after Deadline heard he’d told his staff. The studio issued this statement: “For 18 years, Robert has guided Fox Music, honoring its rich legacy while bringin...

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