Ex-Apple Employee: Scott Forstall Worked Miracles (AAPL) – Silicon Alley

Apple's mobile software leader, Scott Forstall, was a miracle worker, according to former employee Andy Miller. When Apple fired Scott Forstall, the immediate spin was that it was good news for Apple. Forstall, according to reports, was a polarizing executive, who couldn't work with Jony Ive or Bob Mansfield, two executives who got promotions when Forstall was pushed out. And while there is plenty to be gained by removing an executive who makes other people unhappy, Apple is still going to lose one of its most important employees, a fact that was somewhat brushed over last week. Some people like John Gruber were spinning Forstall leaving as a good thing. Miller's response was, "let's see Gruber pull off the miracles that Forstall made routine." We reached out to Miller to hear more about what it was like working with Forstall. Miller joined Apple after it acquired his mobile ad network, Quattro in 2010 for $275 million. He was in charge of the iAd group before leaving to be a VC...

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