Smule Launches Strum, A Social Video App With Musical Filters – Techcrunch

The latest product from music startup Smule isn't what I was expecting — instead of releasing another music-centric app like Ocarina or Magic Piano, it's launching a social video app called Strum.

Music still plays a role in the app, but it's not center stage here as it is with Smule's other products. Prerna Gupta, CEO of Khush (another music startup that was acquired by Smule last year), said Strum comes from the same ideas that she told me about in August. At the time, she'd said her goal was to make the social experience a more integral part of Smule's apps, rather than building the music side first, then tacking on a social layer at the end. Video is a key part of that social effort (witness the YouTube videos that Smule's fans have created), so the team explored adding video to each of Smule's apps, then ultimately decided to launch a standalone video experience...

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