What Advertisers Really Think About Mobile – Silicon Alley

Mobile Insights is a daily newsletter from BI Intelligence delivered first thing every morning exclusively to BI Intelligence subscribers. Sign up for a free trial of BI Intelligence today. Consumers Love Mobile, But What About Advertisers? (VentureBeat)Despite all of the time we spend on our smartphones, mobile advertising trails online advertising. CPMs for mobile remain a fraction of what they are on the Web. Here are the views of some big brands: Pandora: Pandora does 1.5 billion hours a month of streaming, and mobile accounts for 80 percent of those listening hours, according to Dominic Paschel, vice president at Pandora. Rebutting a common complaint, Paschel says advertisers have been willing to try new formats on mobile. The Weather Channel: Alex Linde, VP of digital and mobile apps at The Weather Channel, says mobile is a critical piece in the future of the company. "Each screen has its place." Sephora: Brands are themselves launching mobile apps...

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