LIVE: Apple Earnings! (AAPL) – Silicon Alley

APPLE HALTED! This is typical, and it means the earnings numbers should be out soon... We are going to fill in the numbers as soon as they are out. This post is being updated as we go. For the most recent information click here, or just refresh your browser. Here's what sell-side analysts are looking for from Apple, via Gene Munster: Revenue: $42.3 billion EPS: $9.98 Gross margin: 38.5% iPhone: 36.5 million iPad: 18.3 million Mac: 4.1 million iPod: 6.25 million June quarter revenue: $38.6 billion June quarter EPS: $8.97 June quarter gross margin: 38.6% Munster also adds that the buy-side is thinking iPhones come in at 35 million units. It also thinks the gross margin is 38%. This will be a fascinating report. Last quarter, Apple warned analysts that it was going to really, truly report revenue between $41 and $43 billion. In the past, it gave one specific revenue number, then totally blew it away. This quarter, Apple should really be in that range. If not, watch out. The iPhone busi...

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