Samsung Reveals Philosophy Behind Galaxy S4 – Mashable

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 a smartphone or a being? In the new video (above), Samsung product designers explain the philosophy behind its flagship smartphone, which at one point, they describe as a "meaningful life companion."
Samsung designers say in the video they wanted to create "something like nothing you've ever seen before," but also that the Galaxy S4's design was driven by a "more rational approach," compared to the Galaxy S3, which was inspired by nature.
"We examined everything, not overlooking even the smallest 0.01 details," Samsung says, comparing the device's exterior with a "precious stone glittering in the dark, or countless stars sparkling in the night sky." Although we liked the device in our review, we didn't really catch on to all that glamour. The S4's design is, after all, very similar to the design of its predecessor...

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