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By Alcaraz Research:I'm now writing this piece to address the doubters who questioned my no-to-iWatch stand for this year.I'm not going to refute that Apple is rich and talented enough to make new products concurrently this year. Tim Cook is also macho enough to produce an iPandora, iBeacon, iNetflix, iPayPal, iTesla, while concurrently boxing it out with Samsung (OTC:SSNLF), Google (GOOG), HTC, Sony (SNE), and Intel (INTC).
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Source: Yahoo Finance
I am just saying that Apple (AAPL) is better off following Mayweather's Law - fight where you can win easily. Apple, like Moneyweather, became supermegarich because it focused on cherry-picking fights where it handily beat the competition. Apple should avoid the fate of Manny Pacquiao, multi-division boxing champion.
Focus On Where It Is Winning
Paqcuiao got distracted and tried to become a movie actor, TV host, pop singer, and politician. Pacquiao is now a Congressman of theComplete Story » ...

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