These Siri Punctuation Commands Make Texting So Much Better – Silicon Alley

Siri has been able to handle punctuation commands since the get-go, but they're among the sophisticated features that most people don't know about. I only discovered them after using Dragon Dictation on my computer and reading the extensive instructions that come with that product. Well, it turns out Nuance, the company behind Dragon, helped build the voice recognition technology in Siri and included a lot of punctuation features. Basically, all you have to do is say punctuation while dictating a sentence. For instance, you might say: "Text John Green: Hey John comma want to get brunch on Sunday question mark I'm finally free exclamation point." Weird, right? And people who feel weird talking to their phone will feel even weirder doing this. But once you figure out those crucial punctuation commands, dictation becomes an incredibly fast and easy way to have a conversation over text, especially for people who can't use phone keyboards as fast as kids these days...

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