U.S. Links North Korea to Sony Hacking – Daring Fireball

David E. Sanger and Nicole Perlroth, reporting for the NYT:

American intelligence officials have concluded that the North
Korean government was “centrally involved” in the recent attacks
on Sony Pictures’s computers, a determination reached just as Sony
on Wednesday canceled its release of the comedy, which is based on
a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

Senior administration officials, who would not speak on the record
about the intelligence findings, said the White House was still
debating whether to publicly accuse North Korea of what amounts to
a cyberterrorism campaign. Sony’s decision to cancel release of
“The Interview” amounted to a capitulation to the threats sent out
by hackers this week that they would launch attacks, perhaps on
theaters themselves, if the movie was released.

It seems very wrong to me to capitulate to the demands of terrorists and not release the movie on schedule, but ultimately it wasn&rsqu ...

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