Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Made Millions From A Network Usually Used For Illegal Downloads – Silicon Alley

Radiohead's Thom Yorke may have made almost $24 million from a solo album he released exclusively through torrenting network BitTorrent, according to calculations by the Digital Trends blog. While BitTorrent is commonly used for pirating music illegally, the website recently launched a program that allows artists to mix paid content with free content. That's exactly what Yorke did with his solo album, which offers a bundle of seven songs for $6, along with another song and a music video for free. Thanks to the album bundle, called "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes," Yorke became the most legally downloaded BitTorrent artist in 2014. BitTorrent's year-end retrospective says that the album had been downloaded 4.4 million times, which means that total revenue generated by the album could be as high as $26 million. BitTorrent doesn't keep much of that money. In fact, 90% of the revenue goes to the artist, which means Yorke could have made about $24 million. But as GigaOm and others have pointed out ...

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