Android Still Has A Massive Piracy Problem (GOOG) – Silicon Alley

Google’s mobile operating system has a longstanding issue with people pirating apps initially made available on its Play store. But here’s a sign of how bad the Android piracy problem really is. Ustwo Games, the developer behind the wildly popular mobile game “Monument Valley,” revealed in a series of tweets that only 5% of all Android installs of its game were paid for. Five percent. Comparatively, the developer said 40% of Monument Valley installs on iOS were “legitimate.” So piracy isn't an Android problem per se, but it is particularly bad there. Interesting fact: Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for. 40% on iOS. There’s a sneak peak of data! — ustwogames (@ustwogames) January 5, 2015 Android statistics don’t include Amazon Store data by the way. So 95% piracy rate isn’t affected by the free day we did. — ustwogames (@ustwogames) January 5, 2015 @discopunkk 315k people obtained ...

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