The Three Best Things I Saw At CES This Year – Silicon Alley

Here's how conversations at CES, the giant electronics trade show in Las Vegas, typically go: When did you get in? (Answer.) How many times have you been to CES? (Answer.) What do you think of CES so far? (Answer.) What was the best thing you saw?  This is always the trickiest. If you've walked the show floor, you better have a good answer! I talked about the best thing I saw at CES with Farhad Manjoo, a technology columnist at the New York Times in our weekly podcast, which is embedded below.  The podcast has my full thoughts on what it's like being in Las Vegas for CES. But, if you want the short version, these were my three favorite products from CES: Sling TV: The TV industry is finally getting a much needed shake up thanks to Sling TV, which offers 10 traditional TV channels over the web for $20 per month. It's not as disruptive as some people would like, but it's still an interesting change, and I think it has potential to be transformative in the next five years...

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