Samsung is building a Tizen iceberg for Google’s Titanic – The Verge

We're just two weeks into 2015, but Samsung's already made more progress with its in-house Tizen OS than it had in all the previous years combined. Tizen now graces Samsung's new line of premium SUHD TVs, there's finally a real Tizen smartphone (albeit a distinctly low-end one), and the Korean company promises that the rest of the year will bring "a flood of devices" running its operating system.
A new article on the Samsung Tomorrow website boldly proclaims that the Tizen-powered smartwatches, cameras, TVs, and the new Z1 smartphone that we've seen so far are "just the tip of the iceberg." Tizen will be a crucial part of Samsung's future Internet of Things strategy, helping to connect and smarten up devices and appliances around our...

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