Tidal to pay labels 62.5% of revenue, but app’s chart position is slipping – MusicWeek

Tidal has promised to pay a 62.5% revenue share to both major and independent labels and revealed a direct-to-fan uploading tool.
Artists will be able to upload their music themselves onto the platform using Tidal Discovery, cutting out the need for digital distributors. A dashboard dedicated to providing analytics will also be launched.
The equal revenue share will give "indie artists who come on to Tidal through their label the piece of mind that their label is not being paid less of a percentage just by virtue of being indie," said Tidal's chief information officer, Vania Schlogel.
Meanwhile, after an initial wave of publicity thanks to a high-profile launch on March 30 made it the 27th most downloaded app in the US for iOS users that day, the Tidal app has since fallen out of Apple's US App Store chart.
As of yesterday, the app stood at No.872 in the US and was placed 51 on the most popular music apps chart...

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