Music streaming grew 81% in the UK last year — and it’s getting even more popular – Silicon Alley

Music streaming is on the rise in the UK, as music downloads are declining, Music Business Worldwide reports. Data released by the British Phonographic Industry shows a large rise in the popularity of music streaming in the UK. In the first three months of 2015, there were 5.32 billion streams on audio services. That sounds like a lot (and it is). In the same quarter in 2014, the UK only saw 2.93 billion streams. In just one year the number of streams has increased 81.4%. Music Business Worldwide looked at the numbers released by the BPI, and forecasts that even if it doesn't grow any more this year, streaming in 2015 would still be 48.2% bigger than 2014. But while music streaming is exploding in popularity, digital album sales decreased by 8.6% from 7.91 million to 7.23 million. Europe is currently seeing a huge rise in popularity for music streaming. Countries like Norway and Sweden rely on music streaming, and physical album sales are in sharp decline. We're in the middle of a ...

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