Google engineer loves working with Microsoft engineers: ‘We share the same soul’ (MSFT, GOOG, GOOGL) – Silicon Alley

Microsoft launched a bunch of new software programming products in an event in New York on Wednesday and during the keynote speech, showed an unusual video: a group of Google engineers saying how much they loved working with Microsoft. One Google engineer basically called out his Microsoft counterparts as soul-mates, saying (emphasis ours):  "It really became apparent that we share the same soul and we’ve been able to work really well together because of that," said Brad Green, Google's director of engineering for a project called Angular. He's talking about a project that Google and Microsoft actually co-developed together called Angular — a free and open source tool for writing web apps in a popular language called JavaScript. "A lot of people are surprised when they hear we’ve built Angular with Microsoft," Jules Kremer, Angular’s technical program manager says in the video. When Google decided to do the Javascript-improvement project...

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