Google just shut down all the social media accounts for Glass (GOOG) – Silicon Alley

Google has just shut down the social media accounts that were used to promote Glass, its head-mounted computer, according to 9to5Google.
The consumer-facing version of Glass was shut down over a year ago, but the social media accounts — which included Google+ and Twitter — continued to be updated with holiday messages and #ThroughGlass postings, which highlighted the uses of the headset.
Glass works by sitting in the line-of-sight and offering useful information — such as travel times — on demand. The headset paired with Android for its internet connection.
However, many people were not thrilled with the headset. Battery life was poor, for example, and the built-in camera led to people being banned from cinemas and, in the most extreme cases, assaulted in the street.
According to sources who spoke to 9to5Google, the Enterprise Edition of Glass, which is now overseen by Nest CEO Tony Fadel, is starting to see adoption by an unnamed list of clients...

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