Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos signed the $250 million Washington Post deal with no due diligence (AMZN) – Silicon Alley

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apparently didn't waste too much time before signing the $250 million Washington Post deal in 2013.
Although it was one of the largest acquisitions he's ever done at the time, Bezos says he didn't do any due diligence and just accepted the first offer that came from Don Graham, the former owner of the Washington Post, according to a profile by Fortune's Adam Lashinsky.
"This is the first company I’ve ever been involved with on a large scale that I didn’t build from scratch," Bezos told Lashinsky. "I did no due diligence, and I did not negotiate with Don [Graham]. I just accepted the number he proposed."
Part of the reason Bezos signed the deal fast probably had to with the business upside he saw in the newspaper publication. But it's also because of his belief in having a political watchdog for the public's good, he said.
“We need institutions that have the resources and the training and the skill, expertise, to find things,” ...

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