Viacom Board’s Open Letter to Sumner Redstone: ‘We Want to Understand What Is Happening With You’ – The Wrap

The drama surrounding Viacom chairman emeritus Sumner Redstone continued on Tuesday, with Viacom lead independent director Fred Salerno penning a lengthy, impassioned letter to Redstone that declared, “We want to understand what is happening to you.”
In the letter, dated Tuesday, Salerno expresses concern over the claims made by “a host of new advisors and spokespeople” who “say they work for you.”
“They claim that strongly held views you have expressed for decades have, in the past few months, completely reversed,” the letter states. “They say you no longer trust your friends, your advisors or your board.”

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Salerno goes on to lament the fact that these new advisors have apparently prevented the board from communicating with the 93-year-old.
“[I]t is alarming that your representatives refuse us the opportunity to talk with you,...

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