It looks like all the money Amazon is spending on streaming video is starting to pay off – Recode – All

Amazon video’s share of bandwidth is creeping up. Jeff Bezos says Amazon Video could be really big some day.
It’s not there yet. But it is getting bigger.
No one outside of Amazon knows how many people are streaming video from Amazon or how much video they are streaming. But industry observers do have a proxy: The internet usage numbers provided by Sandvine, a broadband services company that monitors this stuff.
And Sandvine says Amazon’s video now accounts for 4.26 percent of prime time internet usage in the U.S.. That’s up from 1.31 percent three years ago.

Amazon’s numbers are still small compared to Netflix and YouTube, which continue to account for half of all broadband usage. But it does seem as if Bezos, who is spending billions to build up a video library that can compete with Netflix, is starting to make some headway.
Bezos insists he’s not trying to compete with Netflix, even though the two companies do indeed c ...

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