‘Pokémon Go’ is already almost as big as Snapchat and Google Maps – Silicon Alley

"Pokémon Go" is huge.
The augmented reality smartphone game has been a wild success, netting tens of millions of downloads in the space of a week, and sending Nintendo's stock skyrocketing.
But just how big is it?
By one metric, the app is already almost as big as Snapchat and Google Maps.
SurveyMonkey Intelligence estimates that the smash hit game has more than 11 million daily active users in the United States on Android. That's already far more than Twitter — which has just under 6 million — and if it continues at its current growth rate, it looks certain to overtake Snapchat and Google Maps within a week.

This doesn't mean more people have "Pokémon Go" installed than Twitter/Snapchat/Google Maps — that's not the case. But its users are far more engaged, using the app far more frequently than the others. Tens of millions of people in the US will have Google Maps installed, but they will only rarely open it...

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