Google spends €4.25m on lobbying Brussels amidst EU investigations – The Drum

Google is spending heavily on lobbying governments and communications staff as part of its strategy to protect its image from allegations of tax avoidance and failure to curb extremist content online.
According to the EU Transparency Register Google spent €4.25m on lobbying Brussels last year and currently has 14 people directly involved in lobbying the EU, nine of whom have clearance to enter the European parliament.
While having lobbyist is not uncommon for big companies, Google’s level of spend far outstrips other brands. By comparison Tesco, one of the UK’s biggest retailers, has one staff member in Brussels and spent €200,000 on lobbying in 2016.
The Times claims Google’s political operations go far beyond the norm given its record of hiring lobbyist connected to the highest levels of government. It had previously employed Rachel Whetstone, the wife of Steve Hilton who was David Cameron’s former director of strategy to serve as its head of co...

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