YouTube promises advertisers new ways to target audiences and measure the offline impact – The Drum

YouTube has kicked off its Ad Week New York activity by unveiling a host of updates which it claims will help advertisers better target audiences, structure their storytelling and then measure its effectiveness in driving sales both on and offline.
Diya Jolly, director of product management at YouTube and product lead for monetizing the site, detailed the launch of the new tools: Custom Affinity Audiences; Director Mix; Video Ad Sequencing; plus updates to how it works with measurement tools from Nielsen and Oracle.
Custom Affinity Audiences is a targeting tool that lets advertisers segment and target YouTube viewers based on intention signals derived from their search history or the kind of mobile apps they have installed.
YouTube has trialled the technology since the beginning of the year, with the online advertising giant claiming the use of intent-based audiences on mobile delivers advertisers 20% higher ad recall lift and 50% higher brand awareness lift relative to campa...

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