Netflix is fine with password sharing, but it’s going after piracy now – BGR

Netflix makes some of the most popular TV shows out there, having more hits on its hands than most traditional networks. That’s why I’m perfectly fine with the price. You get to stream all those original Netflix shows whenever you feel like it, and you can even share your password with friends and family.

Netflix may be fine with password sharing — in fact, company executives have even encouraged users in the past to share their passwords. But a new report shows the company is stepping up its anti-piracy efforts.

Even though Netflix is incredibly affordable, some people choose to download the company's shows from illegal sharing sites or stream them using shady content portals. That’s because they either don’t want to pay the monthly subscription or because some titles are not available for streaming everywhere in some Netflix markets.

Netflix sent out over a million takedown requests to Google alone since last year, and it’s currently looking ...

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