Evidence of anti-copyright stakeholders’ harassment of MEPs in the European Parliament

Posté par Isabelle Szczepanski le 27 juin 2018

On 2 July, Julia Reda and the Greens will attempt to block the vote on the European Parliament’s negotiating mandate with the Council of the Copyright Directive. Given that they are rather unlikely to succeed, their supporters are relying on making noise on the social networks, and on a campaign of harassment of MEPs aimed at slowing down their work. 

Yesterday, the Legal Affairs Committee, in which all of the European Parliament’s political groups are represented, voted the draft negotiating mandate of the Copyright Directive to “a very large majority of 14 to 9”, recalled Véronique Desbrosses of GESAC. In general, such a majority augurs for a smooth adoption of the mandate in question in the plenary session. Yet, opponents of the related right of press publishers and of the platform’s obligations in relation to protected works do not see things the same way, and still hope to block the mandate, and ultimately block the adoption of the text of the Directive. Their…

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