Copyright Directive : cultural sector disappointed with Germany’s transposal plans

Posté par Isabelle Szczepanski le 16 octobre 2020

German rightsholders are very disappointed with their government’s latest proposals for the national transposal of the copyright directive. The government, they explain, goes well beyond the text and minimize its interest for creators. However, they are struggling to structure a political response as loud as that of the text’s opponents.

German rightsholders are worried : their government presented its new proposals for the transposition of the copyright directive on October 13, and like the previous ones, dating from July, they are disappointing. If the government does not improve the text, the general feeling in the German creative world is that the copyright directive will have served little or nothing. Representatives of authors would not be able to negotiate proper licenses with platforms, nor to obtain the effective withdrawal of unlicensed copyrighted works. Worse, the government is proposing to add exceptions not provided for in the directive to the online exploitation of copyright. But rightsholders are struggling to convey these criticisms on a political level….

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