Apple Is Destroying Amazon And Google In E-Commerce With 435 Million Accounts (AAPL) – Silicon Alley

Apple just announced at the iPhone 5 launch event in San Francisco a stunning statistic. The company now has 435 million accounts for iTunes, the online store that sells music, apps, books, and movies. That's up 9 percent in just three months. In June, Apple said it had 400 million iTunes accounts. That puts Apple way ahead of and eBay's PayPal unit, both of which have less than half Apple's number of accounts. And Google, which is trying to match Apple's online app and content stores with Google Play for Android smartphones, doesn't say exactly how many Google Wallet accounts it has. The only range it's given is "tens of millions" of accounts. Right now, Apple is only a player in buying digital goods. But its new Passbook feature, which stores coupons and tickets, is a tentative step towards handling other kinds of purchases. Don't miss: Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New iPhone 5 > Please follow SAI on Twitter and Facebook.Join the conversation abo

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