Biz Stone Did Something Brilliant When Twitter Was Just Starting, And Every Early Startup Employee Should Take Note – Silicon Alley

Christopher "Biz" Stone is a minor celebrity thanks largely to a bold decision he made in the very early days of Twitter's founding.  When Twitter was starting to take shape, Stone emailed Ev Williams, who was bankrolling Twitter, and asked, "Maybe this is inappropriate, but if I don't ask, I'll never know! What do you envision my title to be? Is there a chance I could be called co-founder?" Williams wrote back, "I don't know the answer to this yet. It is not an unreasonable request."  These emails were reported by Nick Bilton in Hatching Twitter, a book on the founding of Twitter. In the months that followed, Stone kept lobbying Williams for the title of co-founder. Williams was worried that if he gave Stone a big title, some of the other early Twitter employees would lobby for equally big titles for themselves.  When it came time to formalize the roles and titles at Twitter, Williams granted Stone his wish. He made Biz a co-founder.  Stone certainly earned a ...

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