The data scientist behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal did paid consultancy work for Facebook and has close ties to staff (FB) – Silicon Alley

Data scientist Aleksandr Kogan said he once had close ties to Facebook, despite being blamed by the company for his role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
Kogan said he acted as a paid consultant in 2015 and even gave talks about behavioural psychology to Facebook employees.
Facebook blamed Kogan and his company, Global Science Research, for creating an app which harvested millions of users' profiles used by Cambridge Analytica.
Facebook said it was unaware of Kogan’s connection to Cambridge Analytica.
Facebook hasn't been totally upfront about its close ties with a major player in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
Aleksandr Kogan is the data scientist who created a quiz app which harvested 87 million Facebook user profiles, then passed that information to Cambridge Analytica, in breach of Facebook's terms of service.
Facebook has since sought to paint Kogan as the main villain in the scandal, but the data scientist told BuzzFeed he had a deep relationship with the co ...

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