Google is planning a huge $1 billion campus in New York (GOOG, GOOGL) – Silicon Alley

Google announced on Monday that it will spend $1 billion in a major New York City expansion.
It's locked down three properties near the Hudson River on New York's west side.
The expansion will enable Google to add 7,000 employees in New York, in what it is calling its "Global Business Operation."
Google will build a new campus in New York City, the tech giant announced in a blog post on Monday.
Google will spend $1 billion to create a 1.7-million square-foot campus in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood, it said in the post by Google's CFO, Ruth Porat. The new campus will be called "Google Hudson Square."
Google's locked down three properties as part of the expansion:
550 Washington St.
315 Hudson St.
345 Hudson St.
Google said it plans to start moving into the buildings in 2020. 550 Washington Street is called the St. Johns Terminal space, and it will be the head of Google's "Global Business Operation" when it opens in 2022...

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